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Seller Scout
Research Tool

Find your competitor’s top selling products and list them in your store!


Get Amazon Best Sellers from every product category and list them fast!

The eBay

Create bulk eBay listings in minutes using mobile ready custom templates!


Hide out of stock products and adjust eBay prices based on current Amazon costs! 

(Comin’ Soon)

Automatic Amazon order fulfillment and tracking ID updating!

Rich Profit

Customize profit formulas and set margins by % or fixed amount!


Keep your account in good standing with our integrated VERO validation!

Seller List

Get access to our arbitrage seller list with 1,000+ sellers to use w/ Seller Scout!


Title Optimizer, Accounting System, Seller Scout List Optimizer and more!


Our in-depth training provides step by step training for the entire process!

How it Works

Our Azondrop software enables you to quickly build your own eBay business drop shipping Amazon products. This business model has become very popular over the past few years thanks to its low cost of entry, ease of operation, and huge earning potential.


Seller Scout Tool

Scout other eBay sellers using the arbitrage model, list their best selling products in your store, and undercut their prices using the Azondrop Repricer – The Fastest Way to Launch and Make Sales!



Power Seller Tools

Use the Seller Scout Optimizer & Title Builder to pick only the best products and optimize them for the highest selling potential. Free Accounting System, Arbitrage Seller List, VERO Protection, Azondrop University, & More!

Full Customization

Detailed profit range tables, VERO validation, 3 different pricing modes, and tons of other ninja settings to protect and grow your business!



Bulk eBay Lister

List your products to eBay in Bulk and look awesome doing it with our custom HTML templates. List thousands of items in seconds.

Azondrop Repricer

After you are live just set up your Repricer at sit back and let the sales roll in! We’ll automatically adjust your prices and hide any out of stock items.



Auto Ordering (Coming Soon)

Don’t want to process your order manually through Amazon.. no problem. Use our Auto Ordering system to fulfill orders and update tracking ids on full autopilot!

Want Some Free Stuff?

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The Plans

*All accounts include the following Freebies: Arbitrage Seller List, VERO Protection, Optimization Tools, Accounting System, Azondrop University, Listing Templates, & MORE!

Test Launch

  • Scout: 250 items/run
  • Repricer: monitor 250 items
  • Lister: unlimited
  • *All Freebies
  • Friendly Support

Rocket (Best Value!)

  • Scout: unlimited!
  • Repricer: unlimited!
  • Lister: unlimited!
  • *All Freebies
  • Priority Support!


  • Scout: 5000 items/run
  • Repricer: monitor 5000 items
  • Lister: unlimited
  • *All Freebies
  • Friendly Support

(Contact Us for +10,000 item account requests for special pricing)


Do you support all countries?

We only support USA currently, but working to integrate all marketplaces. To beta test in UK, France, Germany, Italy, or Canada please contact us.

Shipped in Amazon box?

Yes, but they don’t care!! I know right… got me too. But it’s true. Only about 1% of buyers may contact you regarding this which renders it a non issue.

Will my accounts be banned?

Our VERO Protection helps prevent from listing protected products on eBay. If you use Amazon Prime to fulfill orders your Amazon account will likely be banned.

Is This Legal?

Absolutely, this business model has been around for over +10 years. Time to get in on the gold rush!

Do you support other suppliers?

We currently only support Amazon but are working on integrating WalMart and others.

Support multiple eBay Accounts?

Yes, contact us to purchase special companion license and instructions for use.

How much money will I make?

The average seller will sell between .5 and 1% of their total number of listings at a profit of $1.50 to $3.00 per sale.

Do customers get mad for paying more?

No, you mark the item as a gift during checkout so most don’t even know! With this business you get excellent feedback!

What makes your software the best?

Our desktop software reduces server costs and we pass the savings to you! The features are the real gold though…

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